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Applying Buddhist Wisdom to

Everyday Problems

Imagine your life without stress and endless worry. How amazing would it feel to experience deep contentment and joy in your personal and professional life?


For over 35 years, Dr. Greenwood has distilled practical wisdom from traditional Buddhist teachings to help people overcome the distress caused by problems and find meaningful satisfaction in their work and personal lives. She can help you, too.

“My work is 'Applied Buddhism' because I draw on universal principles in Buddhist wisdom to solve real life problems.


My programs can show you how to transform negative emotions so that you can find a more joyful perspective on life, no matter what you've experienced in the past."

– Dr. Laura Greenwood

I learned that a big problem can become a small problem and a small problem can become no problem. It is a positive way to improve morale!

— Jessica Wong, RN

Learn From

Dr. Laura

  • Learn how to transform toxic emotions and discontent into contentment and a sense of higher purpose

  • Increase your emotional intelligence

  • Apply these skills to resolving problems and stress in your daily life

Check her out:

Online Workshop
Certification Retreats in Maui, Hawaii
Personal Coaching



“Your concise and clear presentation and your gift of information and processes is absolutely Golden! So many ah-ha moments for me here! I am now able to understand and be aware of so much of what was going on with myself in my past and what is often and ongoing struggle in my present”

Online Participant, JT, California

“Laura created a successful and powerful customized training series. It proved to be the most outstanding program of the company and brought about immediate improvements in workability, internal communications and overall employee morale and appreciation for work."

Hotel Training Coordinator, LC Hawaii

"I appreciate that you are doing this to help others like me to get help before they have to suffer too much before changing old habitual patters of stress and worry.”

Online Participant, BG Hawaii

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