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Imagine how rejuvenating it would feel to learn to teach one of Dr. Greenwood's highly successful programs at her ocean view villa in Maui's tropical paradise.

Personal and Professional Enrichment Programs

Learn how to enrich lives with training programs based on universal wisdom principles found in Buddhism.

This unique retreat will nourish your mind with tangible benefits. You will discover the best ways to successfully transform stressful emotions into feelings of satisfaction and empowerment - and be able to share this knowledge with others.

These immersive retreats provide an opportunity to explore and master the experiential practices and Buddhist principles that are fundamental to each training program. And you can do this while enjoying the rejuvenating beauty and serenity of Maui!

Each certification program focuses on professional development and personal enrichment with practical applications to work and personal life. You will learn how to apply the foundational principles in your life and gain skills to teach others how to tap their internal motivation to overcome negative emotions in their lives.


Most of the Certification Retreats take 24-40 hours, or 3-5 days to complete.

Program fees and schedules are arranged upon consultation with Dr. Greenwood.

Choose a program and complete the contact form to inquire about costs and scheduling.

Retreats are held at Dr. Greenwood’s ocean-view home in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii,

only 5 minutes from beautiful beaches.

She can help you find accommodations that range from simple to luxurious.

You will have time to enjoy Maui as part of your learning experience.

Retreat Logistics and Scheduling


Maui, Hawaii

Certification Retreats

Learn and train leaders how to:

  • Understand how to transform their negative emotions and cultivate their emotional intelligence

  • Conduct "Performance Coaching"- a Six Step Method for Giving & Receiving Feedback that Motivates not Deflates! - essential for quality control

  • Train trainers within your organization to conduct on-the-job training that is unforgettable

  • Solve problems and conflicts with less emotional stress

  • Develop their teams toward superior productivity and understanding of shared goals and mission

Transformational Leadership

Certification Retreat

Learn and train others how to:

  • Recognize and prevent potential conflicts before they arise

  • Resolve disagreements, conflicts & problems that minimize emotional stress and maximize satisfaction of all involved

  • Communicate standards and requirements without judgments that alienate

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Certification Retreat

Learn and train others how to:

  • Communicate an empathic understanding of the needs of customers

  • Experience self-care to prevent burn out when serving customers

  • Resolve customer complaints in a soothing manner that does not involve giving the "store" away

Compassionate Customer Service

Certification Retreat

Standard version as well as Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail & Healthcare versions are available.

Learn and train others how to:

  • Provide an exciting, experiential program based on their community's historical and cultural values by experiencing Hawaiian cultural training programs developed by Dr. Greenwood

  • Incorporate an appreciation of their community's "sense of place" values into their organization's mission and standards that will enhance their community's, customer's and staff's admiration for their business model.

"Sense of Place" Training Program for Your Community

Certification Retreat

  • You will be able to teach these programs to your team, organization and in your community, adding another tool to your training toolkit.

  • You gain self-mastery of these programs’ principles when you teach them. 

  • You will be able to help others work together in productive, harmonious and empowering ways.

  • You will learn a modified version for secular usage of the Online Workshop: Transforming Attachment, Anger, Indifference to address the subject of overcoming negative emotions. 

  • You have ample opportunity to adapt the programs to your area of focus.

  • You experience a delightful rejuvenating retreat in a tropical paradise, sharing and learning at Dr. Greenwood’s ocean-view villa and de-stressing in the warm embrace of Maui’s beauty and serenity.

Benefits of Certification

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